06.11.09 // 22.00 // IVI, kettenhofweg 130 // ffm


Mickey Triest (Drums) and Juval Haring (Guitar, Vocals) were just watching TV at home, getting fat on hummus and hamburgers. There was nothing exceptionally exciting on. They seemed to have both seen all the movies available on cable by then, and have begun to grow tired of their everyday routine of doing nothing.
One day Mickey jumped out of her seat. They had become „TV BUDDHAS“ – religiously fanatic couch potatoes. Something had to be done. They finished their fried noodles and eggrolls in a rush and headed to the rehearsal room.
Seeing they both dug Black Sabbath, The Velvet Underground and both had distaste towards day jobs, they knew that only forming a rock group and going on an endless tour would save them from themselves, their city, their country, and would defiantly give them a good workout.
But even 300 shows later, with layers and layers of dust on their tired boots, 4 sold out 500 copy EPs, an LP on Trost Records, a history of sharing stages with the likes of FAUST, ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE, RUINS, ZU, MONOTONIX, CRYSTAL ANTLERS, AIDS WOLF, OLD TIME RELIJUN, FUCKED UP, KING KHAN AND THE BBQ SHOW, DEERHOOF and many more, the TV BUDDHAS are still the same people they started out as, slightly thinner, and perhaps, with a better complexion.
TV BUDDHAS do to art rock what Japanese rock did to psycadelic music – they infuse it with energy that is both ironic and cathartic. Their live shows are a ceremony of friendship between them and the audience. They play hard driven ragas out of two amplifiers and a minimal drum set consisting of a floor tom, a snare and a single cymbal. With heartfelt sincerity and suicidal work ethics, they might just be a rising star in the new underground emerging from Europe.



PTTRNS are Benjamin Riedl, Daniel Mertens and Patrick Hohlweck.
Since their first (sold out) show in their native Cologne in 2007,
PTTRNS have released two cassette tapes, two 7inch singles (one a
split with Fuckuismyname) and a split 12inch with The Falcon Five.
PTTRNS play music whenever and wherever they can, in galleries,
youth clubs and bedrooms, and have done so extensively over the
last 32 months.
PTTRNS are equal parts colors, shapes and instants.
PTTRNS intend to make music a truly communal and fun experience.
Everyone is encouraged to bring their own instruments to – at the
same time – contribute to the sound and make it their own, each
time new and different and singular. PTTRNS believe that this is
the future of music (again). Anyone will play anything.
PTTRNS are bass and grooves and polyrhythms and repetitions, all
of which emphasize both the physical and the bodily aspects of
(the) sound. PTTRNS play forward-thinking dance music that is
informed by disco and world music, undeniably rooted in punk but
first of all pop. Hymns gone wrong – but right. That‘s the point.
PTTRNS are currently working on their debut album to be released
in early 2010 via the Altin Village & Mine record label.