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27.01.10 GAY BEAST + CLAUDIANOBILI + m.b.b.m.b.b.m.m.

achtungachtung, der winterschlaf wird vorzeitig beendet, weil der wetterdienst einen aufkommenden tornado meldet:

27.01.10 // 22h // kettenhofweg 130 //
(pünktlich, weil mittwoch..)


krachiges NO WAVE TRIO aus Minneapolis,
zieht euch die schuhe aus


Formed in 2005 and renowned as Minnesota’s premier agit-prog queer band, Gay Beast cuts a careening groove between the prickly corners of tunefulness and musical density, danceability and controlled chaos. On Second Wave, their sophomore effort and first release on Skin Graft Records, the trio lets fly with utopic visions of second-wave feminism, exposing a mood-swinging musical reach heretofore unheard.
Join us Jan 27th as the nuclear family explodes into a psychedelic mushroom cloud of writhing, urgent vocals set against the precise, premeditated clatter of guitar, drums and keys. Add a dash of electronic psych, and a spoonful of sax – and your goose is cooked.



respektierte musikalische gattung der alleinunterhalter,
file under: casiotone for the painfully alone und xiu xiu


mbbmbbmm (karlsruhe)

gameboy-walzer und disgustopopsongs


liebe leut, bis februar steht (erstmal) nichts fest, weiter gehts dann am 12.02.10 mit RAILCARS & DD/MM/YYYY

see you and <3