09.05. DEAD WESTERN at Bar Plank

Bar Plank / elbestr. 15 / ffm


Two institutions, which are working on general cultural interest in Frankfurt am Main in the range of musical promotion, collaborate for the first time and are proud to present you a live concert by Dead Western on the 9th of May 2011.


Dead Western is TROY MIGHTY, who demands to live.
Dead Western is the soundtrack to your fever dreams. Songs that sound like they have been here for hundred years, music you can hide within and brave the world outside.
“Who is Dead Western? In shadow, he appears neanderthal; in light, he waxes angelic. He sounds like a forest growing (the throatless groaning of age-old trees); feels like a Victorian passage through limbo (grey, ominous); looks like a Grecian statue (as drawn by Robert Crumb). It is the shifting of rock, the scuttling of insects, the hissing of the wind: frightful, eternal.


„SUCKLE AT THE SUPPLE TEATS OF TIME“ discorporate records / soulfood / southern / Altin Village (EU)


How traurig can Folk go? Dead Western alias Troy Mighty schlägt ein neues Kapitel der Düsterheit auf. Intensiv wie die Hölle.

Dead Western’s music is intimate, involving and emotional. The songs achieve the same sepulchral folk aspect as Nick Drake, with a crucial added dose of Current 93 uncanniness. Includes evocative elements of sound collage and introduces a halting, Twin Peaks-recalling grotesquery to winning effect.Oddly compelling.

Das Ganze klingt wirklich wie nichts, was man schon einmal gehört hat. Faszinierend, gespenstisch und seltsam schön. Gänsehautmusik, nicht von dieser Welt.

Ein etwas prätentiöses Post-Current93/CocoRosie-Hype-Album aus der Welt manieristisch-überhöhter Innerlichkeit, wo die Spiegel spiegeln und die Streicher streichen. Dazu croont ein Quasi-Anthony, nur eben ein paar Tonlagen tiefer.

It is beautiful that now his voice has all the arrangements, production and backing musicians he needed. The singing with beautiful overdub harmonies has something of witnessing stories from a rarity cabinet, a bit surreal in its format, and still underneath are dramatic visions of people or on certain values (like a soldier song).