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IVI, kettenhofweg 130, ffm



ex vom segeln, ex fuck u is my name extra geil!
Die Modellierung ungeordneten Lärms in der Regel durch gezielte Verwendung von Musikgeräten wie Gitarre, Bass und Schlagzeug. Harte Schläge, ausdefinierter Bass und eine Gitarre deren Melodien sogar in die trainiertesten Ohren sägen. Gesungen wird auch noch, hoch und tief in stetigen Wiederholungsintervallen. Die gewünschte Umformung vollzieht sich durch den angestrebten Strukturaufbau und der Wettkampferfahrung von ex-hier und ex-da, die einzelnen Partien werden zusammengehalten.

Oder einfach: ein Stück zuckersüße dolce vita die weh tut unter der Prämisse: acid sound with a noise impact und dem Anspruch einen eigenen Stil zu kultivieren. Bodybuilding sind wirklich stark. Peace!



Schlagzeug, Gitarre und Gesang. Minimiert und Glücklich.

Eine Leichtigkeit strahlt die Musik der Berliner SISSTERS jedoch nicht unbedingt aus. Hier klingt es eher fragil und emotional. Zugleich jedoch brachial und wütend. SISSTERS spielen mit den Gegensätzen. Mal leise, mal laut. Mal melodisch, mal schräg. Am Ende kochen sie auch nur mit roten Fäden.

Im Surf Sound gebettete Rock Allüren verfangen sich bestimmt in irgendeinem Post- Genre Gewand. Irgendwie Grunge. Im Herzen Punk!

Glücklich zumindest in der Wahl der Besetzung. Nach jahrelanger Suche der idealen Instumentierung und eines angemessenen Ausdrucks scheinen SISSTERS nun an einem neuen Anfang geführt.

Die erste full length LP „there’s a party in my mouth but you‘re not invited“ erscheint Anfang Juni 2011 bei Coraille.

20.05.2011 hamburg, gängeviertel w/ sissters
09.06.2011 köln, tsunami w/ sissters
10.06.2011 frankfurt, ivi w/ sissters
11.06.2011 trier, exhaus w/ sissters, chain and the gang
12.06.2011 bielefeld, tbc w/ sissters


IVI, kettenhofweg 130, ffm


The Blake is back and this time not just in the form of an Unfun reissue. Shortly after the break-up of the former Jawbreaker/Jets to Brazil frontman’s last Brooklyn, NY-based project, Thorns of Life, he formed Forgetters with Kevin Mahon (Against Me!’s first drummer) and transplanted Floridian Caroline Paquita (Bitchin‘). The new self-titled double seven-inch is every bit of everything you ever loved from Schwarzenbach: that voice, those guitars, the hooks and the fury. Though the production might sound a little thin to modern ears, by the time gloom punk opener „Vampire Lessons“ bum rushes its own third chorus in a messy pile of yelps and ride cymbals there’s no way you‘d wish for anything fancier. The most striking thing about the EP is the balance of tough and tender, the latter hitting heaviest on „Too Small to Fail,“ the best bass-driven, fuzzy riffed indie jam this side of the early ’90s.


Athens/Georgia | USA on their first european tour!
Incredible mix of Neil Young, Wipers/Greg Sage, Breederz, Jones Very/Alloy and a shot of Dinosaur JR or something close to it … . great voice, cool desperate and yearning songs …

18.05. TV BUDDHAS (live + tourmovie)

IVI, kettenhofweg 130, ffm

21h tür offen
21.30h Tour Movie „BAND IN THE MODERN WORLD“
22.30h KONZERT

TV BUDDHAS (tel aviv/berlin)

TV BUDDHAS are a Tel Aviv raised, Berlin based punk band. Their music is a cross between the new wave urgency of The Wipers,
the geeky outsider approach of the Modern Lovers, and the simplicity of the Ramones.

The two guitar and minimalistic drums trio consists of brother and sister Uri and Mickey Triest and Juval Haring. They have released
2 LPs to date („The Golden Period“ and „Dying At The Party“), and an EP (s/t on We Are Busy Bodies from Toronto), in an addition
to numerous CDRs on various small labels.

Unclesally’s (Germany) wrote : „They sound like a reincarnation of the seventies and eighties : edgy, unpolished and snotty“
Dusted Magazine Wrote : „This band is one lucky break away from breaking away“
MTV wrote : „They sound like a some amazing lost Detroit proto-punk band“
Neu Magazine (UK) wrote : „Channeling the Ramones and Richman, this is classic pop music“
San Diego Reader wrote : „Now I get what the band’s doing, and that’s something few other new punks even try: throwing itself on a cross that was hewn by the original New York school“


„Band in The Modern World“ is a documentary film by the band TV BUDDHAS, that tells the story of a foreign band visiting the US for the first time, only to discover that in the social-network-hype-driven-America of today, no one really cares anymore about you or your band.
The unknown garage trio sets out on a two month road trip from New York to California and back, encountering empty clubs, numerous promoter no shows, dead end small towns where the local scene has withered away, and a commercial world of excess that is always in the background, echoing the futility of the band’s existential cry.
The down spiraling tour was documented spontaneously, out of despair, using an available YouTube camera, giving the film a very raw, Lo-Fi, and brutally sincere feel. These dramatic video confessionals are a modern day punk testimonial of what is left of the DIY way of life, when it is stripped of all hype – Three outsiders, completely alone in a van, in a foreign land, traveling with no purpose but a hope to play live to some people, while losing most of their money as they hit wall after wall of apathy.
„Band in The Modern World“ is a tour diary against all other tour diaries – A realistic, dark and lonely trip through the impersonal Indie world of today, accompanied by soundtrack written and recorded by the band, while on tour.